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About the EWM Consultant & Course with you guys, Consultant has good knowledge of SAP EWM and has excellent communication skills. He can articulate scenarios very well. I feel the training could have been more practical but overall the training was good and informative.

— Santhosh, USA

The SAP MM course has been completed on 4/08/2019. Feedback for the Video Course : Technically covered and explained all the concepts well,also tutor was focusing on whether the trainee is getting the concept which is the best part of the training.

Robert, UK

The S/4 HANA Simple Logistics  video class provided everything that could be expected. Step by step instruction and tips based in professional experience by instructors. I would definitely recommend. ”

— Prabhu, USA

Self Learning Sap, is the best place to learn with tutorial videos, and projects by which you can understand easily and have excellent customer service.

— Scott, Germany

SAP EWM Course is amazing and covered in depth. The course content is well-planned, comprehensive, and elaborate. Thank you.

— Javed, Dubai

Appreciate your time and support with the SAP PI 7.4 video course. Certainly Mr. Kumar was great instructor with lot of good experience and handled class very well. There was lot to learn and will be in touch and happy to refer the peers.

— Ben, USA

Instructor did a wonderful job in training the HANA Video class. He was eloquent, knowledgeable and extremely helpful in making sure we understand every concept. I would definitely recommend the class to my peers.

— John, UK

I  took SAP MM and SAP SD Video Classes. Instructor  Chandra & Siva are great teachers and great classes. You could tell they genuinely cared about making the material interesting and comprehensible to everyone. Great attitude about teaching, highly recommended.

— Hamptone, Australia

I had an amazing learning experience. Especially their customer support is extremely good.

— Harikrishna, India

I like Self Learning Center Video courses for the following reasons: It provides a unique blend of theoretical and practical based approach. 2. The learning pace is comfortable. 3. They have global industry experts as trainers.

– Aslam, Saudi Arabia

Thanks for the very good HANA Training .. video training was well and thanks for giving the best course every time i approach you guys for some SAP Training. I am very much impressed with the follow up you guys do take the feedback on the course.

— Chandra, Australia

I really enjoyed Mrs. Prasad FICO video class, SAP FICO class was very informative, good material and he covered all the topics in detail ”

— Dev, Australia

Very interesting class… For those who do not know SAP, this class will give you an excellent hands-on opportunity to not only learn what the end-user does but how the system itself is setup and how the data flows through the systems. EXCELLENT Course!!!!!!

— Ms. R. Patel – Excellent Job!

The materials and content are very relevant and as per the Course Content mentioned. Thank you self learning team for providing such quality content and helping me to become a master in this particular course.

— Ashok, Bangalore

I was referred by my friend for the SAP PO video course and very much happy with the content covered in the course and will definitely come back to you guys for the next requirement.

— Thomas, Chile

Kalyan is a good SD  Trainer and some good points are 1. Strong Technical knowledge in the functional Sales area & 2. Best Practices. I am happy with the video content covered overall. Thanks team for the good work and look forward to learn SLOG shortly.

— Karthik, Canada

Good courses and instructors. Would definitely recommend!

— Sabina, Germany

I highly recommend video training here. The instructor is passionate and dedicated, very descriptive and detail oriented. The course is easy to follow. All relevant tools were provided. Great course.

— Sheila, France

The Oracle Fusion Financial training was awesome. The instructor has done a great job. He was very patient throughout the sessions.

— Radha, Hyderabad

I took 3 courses on new year deal and all the courses covered well and was happy getting on the deal and saved around 150 bucks.

— Vincent, Singapore

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